SQL Server – Performance Dashboard Tools – The Free Ones


By now everyone probably has their own favorite MS SQL Server monitoring tools.

Late last week one of my best friends emailed me asking for my take on which ones I liked the best.

Rather that give him my take, I wanted to do a fresh sweep and see what is the current pulse of the community.



There are very good commercial ones, but for the sake of expediency will only cover the free ones.

Doing so will hopefully help in a couple of ways:

  1. Not have to deal with liking and preferring certain functionalities in one tool, only to find out that aspect is only available in the commercial version
  2. Help achieve costless, quick evaluation


Vendor Product Link
 Free SQL Health Monitor Link
 miniDBA Desktop Link
 Spiceworks Link





Free SQL Health Monitor

  1. Cons
    • Authentication
      • Does not support SQL Authentication, just MS Windows Authentication
      • Please review the Settings tab and specifically the “Domain Name” textbox






MiniDBA Desktop




SQL – Expensive I/O
SQL – Expensive CPU


CPU – Core/Schedulers



CPU – Core/Schedulers – Perfmon Connection Requirements

Pay Attention to

  1. Schedulers
    • I/O




  1. Server Mb
  2. Buffer Size Mb
  3. Buffer Use Mb
  4. Plan Cache Mb
  5. Memory Grants
    • Outstanding
    • Pending
  6. Cache Hits Ratio
    • Our is at 80%
  7. Buffer Activity
    • Lookups
    • LazyWrites
    • ReadAheadPages
  8. Buffer Physical IO Sec
  9. Page Life Expectancy
  10. OS Pages Sec ( Hard Faults )
  11. Free List Stalls Sec

Memory – Objects – Database Buffers


Memory – Objects – Caches




  1. SQL Plans
  2. Object Plans
  3. Bound Trees
  4. TokenAndPermUserStore
  5. SchemaMgr Store


Memory – Objects – Caches


I/O – Files



Waits – Totals



Waits – Current



Waits – Accumulating



Waits – Queue



Deadlocks – Recent Deadlocks





  1. Cons
    • Network Scan
      • Tilted a bit more towards network scan
      • And, not as much to direct IP Address
        • Nevertheless, one can enter Network MAC Address


Register New Asset



Commercial Products

Here are some commercial products for which Trial Versions exist:

  1. Dell
    • Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise
  2.  Monitis
    • Application Performance Monitoring


Obviously, there are many SQL Server Monitoring Tools.

Wanted to do some quick work and place in the public domain.

Will return in the weeks ahead and add more tools.

Depending on the broadness of our evaluation, might keep in same post or create a new post.

For now, I think MiniDBA is clearly head and shoulders above the rest.

Microsoft – Log Parser Studio – Will not start


Last week I used Microsoft’s Log Parser Studio to review some IIS Logs, but in the middle of my analysis the Application aborted on me.

I tried restarting the Application a few times, but that proved fruitless.



Thankfully it is now Saturday afternoon and we received MS Security updates early Saturday morning.  And, so I was hoping that the reboot that occurs after security patches would have saved me.

But, still no help.

Error Messages

The system itself does not keep an actually log file, but uses MS Windows Event Viewer.

Here is what is logged.

MS Windows Event Viewer

The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.

Application: LPS.exe
Framework Version: v4.0.30319
Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.
Exception Info: System.Configuration.ConfigurationErrorsException
   at System.Configuration.ConfigurationSchemaErrors.ThrowIfErrors(Boolean)
   at System.Configuration.BaseConfigurationRecord.ThrowIfParseErrors(System.Configuration.ConfigurationSchemaErrors)
   at System.Configuration.BaseConfigurationRecord.ThrowIfInitErrors()
   at System.Configuration.ClientConfigurationSystem.OnConfigRemoved(System.Object, System.Configuration.Internal.InternalConfigEventArgs)

Exception Info: System.Configuration.ConfigurationErrorsException
   at System.Configuration.ClientConfigurationSystem.OnConfigRemoved(System.Object, System.Configuration.Internal.InternalConfigEventArgs)
   at System.Configuration.Internal.InternalConfigRoot.OnConfigRemoved(System.Configuration.Internal.InternalConfigEventArgs)
   at System.Configuration.Internal.InternalConfigRoot.RemoveConfigImpl(System.String, System.Configuration.BaseConfigurationRecord)
   at System.Configuration.BaseConfigurationRecord.GetSectionRecursive(System.String, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, System.Object ByRef, System.Object ByRef)
   at System.Configuration.BaseConfigurationRecord.GetSection(System.String)
   at System.Configuration.ClientConfigurationSystem.System.Configuration.Internal.IInternalConfigSystem.GetSection(System.String)
   at System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.GetSection(System.String)
   at System.Configuration.ClientSettingsStore.ReadSettings(System.String, Boolean)
   at System.Configuration.LocalFileSettingsProvider.GetPropertyValues(System.Configuration.SettingsContext, System.Configuration.SettingsPropertyCollection)
   at System.Configuration.SettingsBase.GetPropertiesFromProvider(System.Configuration.SettingsProvider)
   at System.Configuration.SettingsBase.GetPropertyValueByName(System.String)
   at System.Configuration.SettingsBase.get_Item(System.String)
   at System.Configuration.ApplicationSettingsBase.GetPropertyValue(System.String)
   at System.Configuration.ApplicationSettingsBase.get_Item(System.String)
   at ExLPT.Properties.Settings.get_LastLogFolder()
   at ExLPT.MainForm..ctor()
   at ExLPT.Program.Main()



There are a couple of remediation choices:

  1. Copy everything in the Application’s folder to a new folder and run from the new folder
  2. Run from same folder after renaming the application’s configuration file ( LPSV2Library.XML)



Simple .Net ASPX/DB Sample


Needed a sample C# code to track .Net Application and its interaction with the database.



  1. Database
    • MS SQL Server
      • Stored Procedure dbo.TimeDelay_hh_mm_ss;
  2. .Net
    • Web.config
    • testDB.aspx
    • testDB.cs


Stored Procedure dbo.TimeDelay_hh_mm_ss;

Stolen from WAITFOR (Transact-SQL) ( link )

IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.TimeDelay_hh_mm_ss','P') IS NOT NULL  
    DROP PROCEDURE dbo.TimeDelay_hh_mm_ss;  
CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.TimeDelay_hh_mm_ss   
    @DelayLength char(8)= '00:00:00'  
DECLARE @ReturnInfo varchar(255)  
IF ISDATE('2000-01-01 ' + @DelayLength + '.000') = 0  
        SELECT @ReturnInfo = 'Invalid time ' + @DelayLength   
        + ',hh:mm:ss, submitted.';  
        -- This PRINT statement is for testing, not use in production.  
        PRINT @ReturnInfo   
    WAITFOR DELAY @DelayLength  
    SELECT @ReturnInfo = 'A total time of ' + @DelayLength + ',   
        hh:mm:ss, has elapsed! Your time is up.'  
    -- This PRINT statement is for testing, not use in production.  
    PRINT @ReturnInfo;  


<!--l version="1.0"-->


		<clear />
		<add name="dbConn" connectionString="Server=DBDEV;Database=DBLAB;Trusted_Connection=Yes;" >




<%@ Page language="c#" Codefile="testDB.cs" AutoEventWireup="true" Inherits="_Default" Debug="true" %>


<form id="form1" runat="server">


		<asp:button id="btnTestDb" onclick="btnTestDbClick" runat="server" text="Test Database Connection" />
		Timeout (HH:MM:SS)
		<asp:TextBox runat="server" ID="txtTimeoutValue" text="00:01:00" >
		<asp:button id="btnTestDbSP" onclick="btnTestDbSPClick" runat="server" text="Test Database Stored Procedure" />
		<asp:Label runat="server" ID="labelStatus" >





using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Web;
using System.Web.UI;
using System.Web.UI.WebControls;
using System.Configuration;
using System.Data.SqlClient;
using System.Data;
 public partial class _Default : System.Web.UI.Page
	private String strDBConnectionString = null;
	private SqlConnection connection = null;
	private String CHAR_NEWLINE = "</BR>";
	protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
	protected Boolean connectDB()
		Boolean bDBConnected = false;
			//strDBConnectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["EarthConn"].ConnectionString;
			if (ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["dbConn"] == null)

			strDBConnectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["dbConn"].ConnectionString;
			if (strDBConnectionString == null)
				return bDBConnected;

			connection = new SqlConnection
			if (connection == null)
				return bDBConnected;				

			if (
					(connection.State == ConnectionState.Open)
				labelStatus.Text += "Connection OK!"  + CHAR_NEWLINE;
				bDBConnected = true;
				//Response.Write("No Connection!" + CHAR_NEWLINE);
				labelStatus.Text += "Connection OK!"  + CHAR_NEWLINE;				
		catch (Exception ex)
			//Response.Write("No Connection!" + ex.Message + CHAR_NEWLINE);
			labelStatus.Text += "No Connection!" + ex.Message + CHAR_NEWLINE;
		return (bDBConnected);

	protected void btnTestDbClick
						  object sender
						, EventArgs e
		Boolean bDBConnected = false;
		labelStatus.Text = "";
		bDBConnected = connectDB();
		if (bDBConnected)
	protected void btnTestDbSPClick
						  object sender
						, EventArgs e
		Boolean bDBConnected = false;
		String strDelayLength;
			labelStatus.Text = "";
			//strDelayLength = "00:05:00";
			strDelayLength = txtTimeoutValue.Text;
			bDBConnected = connectDB();
			// 1.  create a command object identifying the stored procedure
			SqlCommand cmd  = new SqlCommand("dbo.TimeDelay_hh_mm_ss", connection);

			// 2. set the command object so it knows to execute a stored procedure
			cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;

			// 3. add parameter to command, which will be passed to the stored procedure
			cmd.Parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@DelayLength", strDelayLength));

			labelStatus.Text += "DB SP Started @ " + DateTime.Now.ToString() + CHAR_NEWLINE;

			labelStatus.Text += "Waiting " + strDelayLength + CHAR_NEWLINE;
			// execute the command
			labelStatus.Text += "DB SP Ended @ " + DateTime.Now.ToString() + CHAR_NEWLINE ;		
			if (bDBConnected)

		catch (Exception ex)
			labelStatus.Text += ex.Message;
			throw ex;



Processing Wait 15 Seconds



Processed Wait 15 Seconds





Failed Request Tracing

Sample files from “Failed Request Tracing“.



Nouman Ali Khan


During the evening commute last week, a young lady gave up her seat for me.

She had on her Hijab and I asked her why she gave up her seat.

And, she said that she thought I might need it.

We talked about what she studies at her School, UC Berkeley, and where it might lead her.

Knowing that she is likely sitting under good leadership, I asked for the names of some of her Teachers.

She offered up “Nouman Ali Khan” and “Mufti Menk

I found containment in Brother Nouman’s work and so will not cover Mufti Menk’s work in this post.



Nouman Ali Khan

  1. Power of Good Deed [REMINDER] | Nouman Ali Khan
  2. A Life Changing Motivational Speech by Nouman Ali Khan
  3. Pursuit Beyond Happiness [LATEST] | Nouman Ali Khan
  4. Cult vs. Community – Khutbah by Nouman Ali Khan
    Added on 2016-08-16
  5. The Cost of Ignorance – Amazed by the Quran w/ Nouman Ali Khan
  6. Allah is Always Near – Amazed by the Quran w/ Nouman Ali Khan
  7. The Way She Walks – Amazed by the Quran w/ Nouman Ali Khan
  8. In Need of Wisdom – Nouman Ali Khan – Gulf Tour 2015
  9. This Lecture Will Change Your Life~ ᴴᴰ iA | Islam and Ego | Nouman Ali Khan
    Added on Monday ( 2016-08-22)



Power of Good Deed

  1. A good and pure Word
    • A tree whose root are very well planted
    • Root that will last generation
    • Provides fruit at every hour
    • Trees only provides fruit at one season
      • This tree on the other hand provides fruit in all seasons
      • By special permission from it master
    • Locust is about to lay eggs and build its next generation
  2.  Example
    • The Professor simplifies the subject
    • I have given you this example, a good word and a good tree
    • A good teacher provides good example
  3. The benefit of a good word benefits everyone, so that they may make an effort to remember
    • A tree does not discriminate and say “Is it a muslim that is picking this fruit
  4. Idea
    • The idea of thinking long term
    • I can not change this desert into a garden over night
    • The idea of change that does not happen over night
    • The idea of producing  change that takes a generation
    • The Power of a seed that will change into a Tree
  5.  I have not being able to make my point yet
  6. The only thing the Prophet had is a good word
  7. All he had is the good word that Allah kept giving him
  8. A fifth of the World’s Population will hold these words in
  9. Underestimated the Power of spreading a good word
  10. Something must be missing in our confidence
  11. A good word carrying and resonating its effect
  12. Groups of People
    • Groups
      •  Haters
        • Love Incidents
        • Business grows
        • Spread Fears
        • And, fear mongering
        • Profit from Islamophobia Industry
      • Group of muslims doing things in name of Islam
        • Jihad
        • The other extreme
      • Middle – Non Muslims
        • Do not hate each other
      • Middle – Muslims
        • Hugh confluence of muslims who do not know each other
    • Co-dependency of Haters and Jihadist

A Life Changing Motivational Speech

Message to the youth

  1. Cultural Onslaught
    • Pulling oneself out of cultural onslaught
    • When life is in danger, one can pull back from Society
    • We can not pull ourselves away from Society
    • It is a defect to do so
    • Hurl truth against falsehood
  2. Age is often not mentioned in the Koran
    • people’s age is not mentioned
  3. Worship
    • Get better at worship
    • Sets targeted time
    • Go to sleep early
    • Deep conversation over Hookah?
    • Wake up early
    • Change the world … Can not even change the Day
  4. Whoever is scared to climb the mountain stays at the ditch
  5.  Knowledge
    • Get better at knowledge
    • Study and Memorize the Koran
      • Prophet Muhammed
        • Take Surahs that target the Life of Prophet Muhammed
      • Study other Koran Surahs

Pursuit Beyond Happiness

  1. Happiness
  2. Cool
    • Pursuit of Social Acceptability
      • Kids
        • Go to School and look different than others
        • Look a way, talk in a way, that makes me look cool
        • Girls
          • Young Kids that wear Hijab
  3. Popularity
    • Wear expensive clothes
    • Need attention, live off attention
    • Celebrity
      • Any means necessary
  4. Prestige
    • Pursue Prestige
    • Brand of Clothes that you wear
    • Which College they go to
      • Btw, I went to Harvard
    • What they have might
    • Association
      • By their association
  5. Money
    • Self Focused
  6. Excellence
    • Top percentile
    • Always have to have an A+
  7. Impact
    • Thing outside of Self Satisfaction
    • And, unto helping others
    • Life is bigger than my personal impact
    • Help industry, help around the world
  8. Koran
    • What the Koran will inspire you to do will be different for each person
    • Pursuit
      • Primary can not be towards impact, but pursuit
      • Effort comes from you, impact comes from God
      • Impact does not come from you
      • Once pursuit is genuine, Allah gives impact
    • Fruitless and Discouragement
      • Prophet
        • Muhammad’s visit to Ta’if

          • Impact in the world of the unknown
    • Attitude
      • Develop and Internalize a particular kind of attitude that is not discouraged
      • Ironclad
      • Messenger of Allah
    • Single Heartedness
    • Not always a new thing
      • Sometimes just a  reminder
    • He is the one who selected you
    • Allah did not pursue anyone outside of their own potential
    • Knowledge
      • If Knowledge is not helping your worship, then I don’t know if it is real knowledge
      • Knowledge of Prophet is increasing as you are learning more about him
    • Service
      • If you want to help out with Habitat for Humanity, then it is good
      • Whether it is being run by Christians, Jews, if it is good Service, then it is good service
      • Parents should encourage kids
      • Teenage years youths are the most self absorbed
        • Petty
        • Help them to come out of it
        • Allow them to see suffering
    • Goals
      • What are your goals?
      • Don’t aim to be a Doctor, aim to own a Hospital
      • Run Doctors without Borders
      • Don’t just go into Pharmaceutical, clean it up
      • Think Big
      • Part of thinking big is thinking entrepreneurially
    • Acknowledgement
      • We are slaves to Allah, we are lowest to the group
      • Yet, when Allah gives you a gift, intelligence, education, and you say I am way too humble, then that is not humility, it is ingratitude
      • Allah will not make you become materialistic
      • Not here to serve the Ummah, here to fix the world
      • Everyone should work with his own disposition
      • One day I am going to make people come out of poverty in this neighborhood
      • New Language of Power is Economics
      • Develop Work Ethics for it

Cult vs. Community – Khutbah by Nouman Ali Khan

  1. When those who were followed, disown (declare themselves innocent of) those who followed (them), and they see the torment, then all their relations will be cut off from them.
    [ Chapter (2) sūrat l-baqarah (The Cow) ]

Ready to Withstand Challenges | Nouman Ali Khan 2016

  1. Surah – Hayat ( Life )
    • Koran does not change
      • Recite Every Friday
        • Protect believers from the greatest trial that has ever hitting humanity
      • Never blends
      • Morality changes every year


Again, writing can be to proselytize.

But, the grace of good deeds, such as giving up a seat, goes far beyond that.


CentOS – Blank Screen – No Login


Yesterday, I installed CentOS v7 on a refurbished box.  I went the “Server with GUI” option, but upon starting up for the first time, the usual login screen is not coming up.

I have a dull blank screen, rather than one that lists my username.



Took to the net and found a few people had similar problems.  The most widely promulgated option is to edit the /etc/default/grub configuration file and look for the “GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX” entry.

And, go on to add “video=LVDS-1:d” to the end of the current contents of the entry.



  1. Access Terminal window via pressing the key combination CTRL-ALT-F2
  2. Login from the terminal by entering the username and password
  3. The configuration file /etc/default/grub is read only and so change the file to writable
  4. Edit in vi or your choice editor as sudo
    • Look for the “GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX” entry and add “video=LVDS-1:d” to the end of the current value.
  5. Reconfigure using grub2-mkconfig
  6. Reboot your computer



Here are the steps in detail.


Access Terminal mode by pressing the key combination CTRL-ALT-F2.  The Terminal Screen should appear.


Logging from the Terminal

Logging from the Terminal by entering your username and password.


Launch vi in sudo mode

sudo vi /etc/default/grub


Edit /etc/default/grub

Add ” video=LVDS-1:d

grub-20160813-1143PM ( Before )


grub-20160813-1146PM ( Before)

Reconfig Grub

sudo grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg




No original thoughts here!

Credits go out to the guys ( scubastevesama) who spoke about it on Reddit.

And, the ones ( Josef Holland ) who blogged about it.


CentOS Login Screen

  1. centos 7 installation issue, no login screen – scubastevesama
  2. Josef Holland – Disable Laptop LCD Completely on boot
  3. [RESOLVED] Atom D510 – 6.0 updated to 6.1 – became confused about monitor configuration
  4. Install on a laptop with external monitor only


Editing /etc/default/grub

  1. Amanda Folson – Modify File Permissions with chmod
  2. I need to change the Read Only in gedit to Read/Write

pInterest – Getting help with creating pins


On my way home this evening, found a little time to catch up on the Book of Nahum.

The edition I am reading is “Men’s Devotional“. And, I stayed on the commentary provided by C.S. Lewis; it is titled “Retribution’s Good Element“.

I really feel in love with C.S. words and sentence structure.  And, wanted to share via pInterest.


But, never one gifted with artistic ways, I knew I would stumble with trying to design “Word Art” on my own.

And, so googled for tools that can help.

Here are some web sites that provide assistance with creating images that can be availed as pins on pInterest.



Tool Link More
Quotes Cover Link
Recite Link
Canva Link Requires Registration
Quozio Link
PixTeller Link



Sample Pins







pInterest Boards

  1. Daniel Adeniji
    • Smith Wigglesworth
    • C.S. Lewis – Retribution’s Good Element
    • Autumn October

Francis Chan



From Wikipedia, he is a quick introduction to Francis Chin.

Chan and his wife, Lisa, founded Cornerstone in 1994 with only 30 people. Within two months, the church had grown to 100 people, and by 2000, Cornerstone had about 1600 members.

On Sunday, April 18, 2010, Chan felt called to resign from Cornerstone and get into full time discipleship. He moved north to San Francisco, CA.  

His web site said he was “working to start a church planting movement in the inner city of San Francisco and also working to launch a countrywide discipleship movement”.


  1. Make Disciples
    Where : The Garden
    Date Posted :- Jan 28th, 2016
    Uploaded By: Robert L.D. Boldwell
  2. Francis Chan ✦ Exponential
    Published By :- Francis Chan Sermons
    Dated Posted :- Apr 11, 2016
  3. Francis Chan – We are called to reclaim what hell has stolen.
    Published By :- International Ministries
    Date Posted  :- Published on Apr 14, 2016
  4. Francis Chan | The Church God Wants
    Published By : Jesus Center South Bay, Los Angeles ( Link )
    Published On : Feb 25, 2015



Make Disciples

Preaching From

Matthew 28:18-20
        And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.
       Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:
       Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

Ezekiel 36:27
       And I will put my Spirit in you and move you to follow my decrees and be careful to keep my laws. 

  1. I don’t see how you are gonna to make discipleship, if you gonna worship your privacy
    • Losing some of your privacy
  2. Went to Ethiopia
    • rescuing sex slaves
  3. How am I going to reshape my Life

We are called to reclaim what hell has stolen

  1. What the enemy has stolen
    • Believe in the supernatural